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Relocation and Cultural
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Enternationall focuses on supporting our clients through the emotional challenges arising from international relocation, which is the part of the process which people find most challenging.

  Our strong grounding in all aspects of multiculturalism and the diverse cultures existing around the world, enables us to assist in helping corporations select people who are best suited to international relocation and to make the individual and their family fully aware of what to expect in the new environment. Through sound adaptation strategies and ongoing mentoring for the individual and members of their family, we see the process through to a successful conclusion.  
  Corporations using our services find that:  
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  dot Employees and their families settle in to a new environment much more quickly.  
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  dot The employee reaches effective performance as a result of a sound understanding of the business culture in the host country.  
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  dot Ongoing mentoring assists in providing strong family attachments.  
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  Our in-depth understanding of cross cultural adaptation, cultural diversity and emotional issues arising from the international relocation process, allows us to give superior service delivery to corporations, their employees and families.  
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 As General Manager of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Robyn frequently refers relocation consultants to Enternationall.  
  I frequently receive calls from other relocation consultants asking for someone with expertise in coaching people who are migrating to America for employment purposes on what to expect of as well as how to cope with, their new lives. A big move like that can be quite daunting.  
  I always refer them to Enternationall and Deborah Macaulay because of the positive feedback I have received. Deb is a very capable coach and mentor to these families making the transition to life in America a breeze.  
  Robyn Larson  
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