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Relocation and Cultural
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Our Approach

  Enternationall specializes in providing comprehensive support to assist people in adapting and dealing with the process of international relocation. Major emotional issues often arise for employees and their families as a result of culture change and isolation from their wider network of family and friends. Through careful counseling and preparation of our clients prior to the relocation and continuing mentoring and assistance after relocation, we ensure the transition is made as easy as possible for all concerned.  

Why Are We Different?

  Enternationall has a strong focus on dealing with emotional and cultural issues for the whole family. We are there to help all the way through the process of transition into the new culture and location and we are there to assist with ongoing mentoring and support.  

Our Consultants

  All of our consultants have cross cultural experience as well as having lived and worked or studied internationally and have experienced the challenges of international relocation. They are keen to share their knowledge and experience with our clients to assist them. Our principal consultant - Deb Macaulay has worked for many years in the area of cultural diversity both in North America and the Asia-Pacific area. Her specialty is immigration and cultural facilitation. Deborah is an African American who relocated from the USA to Australia 10 years ago. Deborah has two Masters Degrees and many years of experience in the transcultural field with culturally and linguistically diverse communities.  
  Being aware from first hand experience of the difficulties associated with immigration and international relocation, in particular the emotional issues which arise, Enternationall has a passion to assist people with international relocation so that the process is as smooth and painless as possible.  
  Deborah Macaulay  
  ENTERNATIONALL's Principal Consultant  
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